Bullying Policy

Balwyn Junior Football Club is a bullying free club.

We are committed to providing all club members with a healthy and safe environment, free from bullying and intimidation. Bullying is not an acceptable part of our club culture.

Bullying can harm a person’s health and wellbeing.

Bullying is repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a club member or team representative that creates a risk to their health and safety. It can include behaviour such as physical abuse, verbal abuse, initiation practices, ridiculing someone’s opinions or humiliating someone through sarcasm or insults.

Anyone who experiences or witnesses bullying should report it to  a  Committee  Member, coach or team manager as  soon  as possible.

When bullying is reported, it will be investigated quickly. Where necessary disciplinary action or exclusion from the club may result, should all other forms of mediation fail.

All team players, team representatives, committee members and parents have a responsibility to comply with this policy and to treat everyone with dignity and respect.