Committee & Volunteers

The success of the BJFC is shaped by the many volunteers and families who share their time and energy to help build a better place for our children to enjoy and learn to play Australian Rules football. These people come together from all walks of life, bonded by the Yellow and Black of Balwyn and committed that our children not only See The Future but can Be The Future here at BJFC.

On Match Days you will see our volunteer Tigers helping in many ways – often the smallest contribution makes the biggest impact and behind the scenes organising our teams, you will find our special breed of the Balwyn Tiger helping to make our Club the envy of our competition. From trainers, to managers, to coaches to our time keepers, to our goal-umpires and cutting the oranges…our Balwyn Tiger Army is second to none.

Together, this Tiger Army guides a Club which enjoys a strong foundation of expertise and contribution from our Committee who manage a broad range of areas in order to enable the Club to function. The Committee brings together a diverse range of experience and functions as a professional collective in order to ensure our Club caters for the needs of our local junior players this season, but also so the cries of Go Tigers!, can be heard well into the future.

Our Committee lead by our President, prides itself on providing a safe and enjoyable experience for each and every player and being a responsible and active organisation within our local community.


Grant Lingwood-Smith
0409 793 935

Registration Secretary

Zel Medak
0405 674 583

Director of Coaching

Grant Chisnall
0412 118 971

Girls Football Officer

Joey Dikranian
0429 185 521

Property Manager/Merchandising

Traci Eathorne
0417 110 491

Social Committee & Fundraising

Claire Wenn
0409 857 506

Social Committee & Fundraising

Susie O’Brien
0411 454 898

Social Committee & Fundraising

Marnie Cameron
0430 171 230

Social Committee & Fundraising

Catherine Burrows

Sponsorship / Marketing

Tristan Alexander
0438 268 266

Communications & Marketing Manager

Rohan Robertson
0400 841 574

Council Liaison Officer

Melissa Carrozza
0412 185 034

General Committee Member

Chris Sinicco
0411 593 790

Communications & Marketing

Grant Chisnall
0402 118 971

General Committee Member

Georgia Quinn

General Committee Member

Rohan Wenn
0419 026 222

General Committee Member

Michael Brick
0421 992 015

Joining the army of Balwyn Tiger volunteers is rewarding and if you feel you have something to offer or would just like to find out how you can help our Club, please contact:

Andrew Wells
Club President
P: 0403 028 480