Committee Position Description – Director of Coaching

The role of the Director of Coaching is to assist, promote, administer and facilitate coach and football development.

The Director of Coaching should have good working knowledge of the club rules and regulations together with a sound understanding of football matters and good communication and organisational skills.

General Committee Duties

  • Attend monthly Committee meetings. (11 per annum)
  • Attend Club Social events – Family Night, Presentation Nights and fundraisers
  • Assist in the set up, running and cleaning up of all club events – Registration Day, Gear Pick up day, Family nights, Presentation nights etc.
  • Provide support to the other Club office bearers
  • Be aware of the future directions of the Club.
  • Maintain confidentiality about club and committee matters.
  • Be aware of legal privacy regulations and ensure the requirements are implemented.

Role Specific Duties

  • Develop the selection and appointment process for coaches including the development of selection criteria and interview questions where required.
  • Develop appropriate and relevant coaching policies
  • Organise and conduct coaches forum meetings to provide support, education and evaluation of all team coaches
  • Provide advice, coaching strategies , resources and mentorship to all coaches
  • Ensure all coaches meet accreditation requirements
  • Evaluate coaching performance at training/match day and provide appropriate feedback to all team coaches
  • Ensure coaches are provided with effective and adequate resources
  • Organise training schedules for all teams in conjunction with coaches