Committee Position Description – Secretary

The club secretary is primarily responsible for all administration duties and provides the coordinating link between member, the committee and various stakeholders.

General Committee Duties

  • Attend monthly Committee meetings. (11 per annum)
  • Attend Club Social events – Family Night, Presentation Nights and fundraisers
  • Assist in the set up, running and cleaning up of all club events – Registration Day, Gear Pick up day, Family nights, Presentation nights etc.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Club’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Be aware of the future directions of the Club.
  • Maintain confidentiality about club and committee matters.
  • Be aware of legal privacy regulations and ensure the requirements are implemented.

Role Specific Duties

  • Establish a meeting schedule for General and Executive Committees for the current year.
  • Provide secretarial support to the committee, including preparing agendas in consultation with the President.
  • Collect and collate reports from office bearers.
  • Prepare minutes of all committee and General Meetings of the club, distribute them in accordance with the club’s Constitution and file appropriately.
  • Collate and arrange for the distribution of the annual report.
  • Maintain an accurate copy of the Rules and By-Laws of the club.
  • Be familiar with the roles of the Club, Competition, YJFL and any other body that has governance. Give advice to the President and committee as required.
  • Receive all correspondence directed to the club, inform President, react, follow up and distribute to appropriate members.
  • Act as the Public Officer of the club
  • Maintain team records and match details (including weekly scores) online.
  • Notice to YJFL and relevant stakeholders regarding changes to committee members and key contacts.
  • Liaises with all team managers, coaches, players, parents and club staff.
  • Be in regular contact with YJFL and other external stakeholders.