Committee Position Description – Treasurer

The Club Treasurer’s role is to ensure that a financial management and reporting system is put in place and operable so the Club Committee has an accurate understanding of the financial status of the Club at all times.

General Committee Duties

  • Attend monthly Committee meetings. (11 per annum)
  • Attend Club Social events – Family Night, Presentation Nights and fundraisers
  • Assist in the set up, running and cleaning up of all club events – Registration Day, Gear Pick up day, Family nights, Presentation nights etc.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Club’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Be aware of the future directions of the Club.
  • Maintain confidentiality about club and committee matters.
  • Be aware of legal privacy regulations and ensure the requirements are implemented.

Role Specific Duties

  • Prepare the budget, in consultation with the Committee, to reflect income and expenditure of the Club.
  • Ensure all staff, team managers and coaches do not exceed authority ceilings for financial expenditure without reference to the General Committee.
    • Prepare regular bank account reconciliations.
    • Make all payments and keep accurate, up to date records of income and expenditure.
  • Maintain accurate records of income and expenditure.
    • Issue receipts and promptly depositing all monies received.
    • Be responsible for the club’s petty cash
    • Ensure that adequate accounts and records exist regarding the Club’s financial transactions
  • Report to the Committee on a monthly basis, showing evidence that money is being banked.
  • Present all accounts for payment for approval.
  • Arrange invoices for periodical payments.
  • Pay referees and assistant referees.
  • Make details of all accounts available to the Club Committee.
  • Organise collection of funds from various events for banking.
  • Ensure all taxation commitments are met by the Club.
  • Ensure the club finances are appropriately audited.
    • Be fully informed about the financial position of the club at all times.
  • Prepare annual financial accounts for auditing and provide the auditor with necessary information.
  • Report activities of the portfolio to the membership at the AGM.
  • Be the signatory on club cheques, with at least one other
  • Monitor sponsorship funds.
    • Ensure the Club is GST compliant.
    • Ensure invoices are valid tax invoices and that suppliers issue valid invoices.